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Leaders from China Youth Innovation Board and Guangdong Wen Xiansheng visited the group for investigation and cooperation

On June 12, Hu Hao, general manager of China Youth Venture Capital, led the “China Youth Venture Board” incubator Guangdong Wenxiansheng Chairman Li Jingcong, and general manager Wu Jiyuan to the group to investigate and discuss cooperation on the layout and promotion of Wenxiansheng brand in Shandong. Group chairman Chen Yong warmly received visitors in the group conference room. Group President Li Ming, Vice President Yang Dapeng, and Shandong Sanjian Huiwei Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Yang attended the forum. The forum was hosted by General Manager Hu Hao.

On-site Discussion and Exchange at Fuqingyang Intelligent Industrial Port Project

Fuqingyang Intelligent Industrial Port Project Site

Discussion and Exchange at Group Meeting Room

Fuqingyang Intelligent Industrial Port Project Site

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