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Renewing the spirit of Xibaipo and promoting high-quality development-China Magnesite Industry Association and the party building and co-construction unit Paradise Group carried out party history lear

History is the best textbook, and party history is the best nutrient. In order to welcome the centenary birthday of the Communist Party of China, Shandong Leyuan Infrastructure Construction Group and Jiangsu Blue Circle New Materials Co., Ltd., the party building and co-construction unit of China Magnesite Industry Association, made a special trip to the revolutionary sacred site of Xibaipo, remembering the revolutionary ancestors, inheriting the red gene, and carrying out two activities. Tian’s "Continuing the Spirit of Xibaipo · Promoting the High-quality Development of the Industry" is a party day activity with the theme of party history learning and education. Participants of the event: Lv Zequn, secretary and president of the association's party branch, Cao Changkun, executive vice president of the association, Huang Xiaojing, deputy secretary-general, Li Mengqiang, executive deputy secretary-general, Luo Lei, Timber Conservation Development Center, Wu Bo, vice president of Paradise Group, Blue Circle New Material Party Branch Secretary and Chairman Wang Xingwen, and Xing Yanli, Manager of the Financial Management Center of Paradise Group, attended the event.

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