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Congratulations on the successful upgrade of the credit rating of our group company: Shandong Fairyland Infrastructure Group Co.,Ltd.

Recently, the credit rating of our group company: Shandong Fairyland Infrastructure Group Co.,Ltd.has been upgraded. The credit service agency has made an objective, independent and fair assessment of the credit status of the Paradise Group in accordance with the Q/DGPJ001-2019 "Enterprise Credit Rating Evaluation Standard", and determined the original business of the group. The credit rating "AAA" is upgraded to the comprehensive credit rating "AAA", and it can be publicized and inquired on the national credit information public service platform and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology China Bidding and Bidding Network. This shows that Paradise Group has an excellent credit record, good operating conditions, strong profitability, and broad development prospects. Uncertainties have minimal impact on operations and development. It indicates that the content of the credit evaluation of the Paradise Group is more comprehensive, the coverage is wider, and the system is built more systematically. The credit rating upgrade this time is a "passport" for corporate government procurement and bank loans, a "certificate of honor" for bidding credibility and comprehensive capabilities, and an "certificate of intangible assets" for companies to enhance their brand value and competitiveness.

In October 2019, Fairyland Group won the "AAA" business integrity rating evaluation certificate, and announced and displayed it on the national industry credit public service platform. This was awarded to Paradise Group gold after a comprehensive investigation and analysis of professional credit service agencies Such a precious honor. Since the honor was obtained, the group has firmly adhered to the contract spirit of "abiding by contracts and keeping promises" in terms of business operations, labor and employment, creating a brand, building an image, and contributing its due part to the construction of an honest and trustworthy economic and social environment. . It is precisely because of the Group's responsibility and responsibility that it has achieved today's honor.

Honesty is the cornerstone of a company's foothold in the market and the eternal driving force for its survival and development. Receiving this honor indicates that Fairyland Infrastructure Group has been highly recognized by society, partners, and customers in terms of integrity construction, credit management, and social responsibility. It is conducive to further improving the level of market competition and social influence, and helping to continue, "Hundred Years Paradise". Steady development!

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