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The party branch of the group and the party branch of China Magnesite Industry Association carry out "co-enterprise" joint party building activities

On the occasion of the centennial of the founding of the party, in order to further strengthen the "co-enterprise" party building, learn, build, share, seek, and win-win together, and promote the deep integration of party building work and enterprise development. On April 23, the Party branch of Paradise Group and the Party branch of China Magnesite Industry Association launched a "co-enterprise" joint party building activity in Jinan, Shandong. The activity was presided over by Lv Zequn, party branch secretary and chairman of China Magnesite Industry Association, and party branch secretary of the group Meng Yanyun, Chairman of the China Magnesium Industry Association, Chairman of the Group Chen Yong, Executive Vice President Cao Changkun, Deputy Secretary-General Huang Xiaojing, Deputy Secretary-General Li Mengqiang, Deputy Secretary-General Wang Yan, President Li Ming, Vice President Wu Bo and Huang Weilei , Li Li and other party members participated in the activity.

Lanchuang shandong china     

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