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Chairman Chen Yong Won the Honorary Title of "Outstanding Representative of the People's Congress" of the 17th Jinan City

Recently, the first meeting of the 17th Congress of Jinan City passed the approval that Chen Yong, the groups chairman, was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding People's Congress Representative". The 14th Delegate Group of the 17th Jinan People's Congress to which he was a member won the honorary title of "Advanced People's Delegate Group". Since being elected as a representative to the Municipal People’s Congress, Chen Dong has conscientiously performed his duties as a representative, strived to improve his ability to perform his duties, actively offered words and suggestions, and worked hard to exercise his rights as a representative. Based on the actual situation of the company, we will make our efforts to accelerate the creation of Jinan by science and technology, the creation of intelligence, Jinan, cultural Jinan, ecological Jinan, and health care Jinan, so as to achieve the goal and task of building a modern international metropolis.

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