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Magnesium Cementitious Material Products Application Matchmaking Meeting Was Held in Jinan

  On August 7, 2020, the "Magnesium Cementilation Products Application Matching Meeting" sponsored by China Magnesite Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) and undertaken by Shandong Fariyland Infrastructure Group was held in Jinan.

   Lv Zequn deputy director of the association, save timber development center, timber saving development center chief engineer yu-ping yao, association secretary-general, shandong park infrastructure group chairman Chen yong, standing vice President of association Cao Changkun, association, vice chairman, shandong blue economic and trade co., LTD., general manager Zhao Linjing, Xu Zhao association secretary-general, deputy secretary-general Li Mengqiang, association deputy secretary-general Wang Jichang, hsiu-chuan chang, deputy secretary-general of association, the association deputy secretary-general Wang Yan, members of the association of expert database high ridge, Zhu Xiaotao association expert panel members, members of the association of expert database Jiang Yunhui, construction in shandong province science and technology and education association Hou Juguang, deputy secretary-general Hou Angzhi,Smart home association Cao Haikui, secretary-general Chen Chaoli in shandong province, shandong province chamber of commerce health ding, secretary-general metrologic, decoration association secretary-general ShenGuangYong in shandong province, shandong construction university professor Zhao Quanbin, art director of the institute of shandong university of elite perimeter product, shandong youth political college, dean of the school of design institute of art design aoj, with round design group medical health department medical 2 hospital dean XingZhaoQiang, shandong surround furnace design organization design director zhang jian, deep Zhang Xin, vice President of the total construction group design institute, shandong lu Shao Xiquan, director of the center for urban and rural development, Shandong Fairyland Infrastructure Group General Manager li Ming,
As well as some enterprises on behalf of more than 60 people to attend this meeting.
   The meeting was presided over by Cao Changkun, executive vice president.

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