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Extend Mid-autumn Festival Greetings to People in Difficulties

  On the morning of September 22, Chen Yong, representative of the Municipal People’s Congress and Chairman of Fairyland Group,and Ding Lei, Chairman of Shandong Health Chamber of Commerce, Wang Lianping, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Licheng District People’s Congress, Cao Yongjun, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiying Street, member of the Party Working Committee, and Disciplinary Working Committee Wu Chunming, the secretary and director of the CPPCC Liaison Office, and some employees of the Group and Fairyland family members went to Linzhi Village, Xiying Street, to visit and condole the people in need, and delivered moon cakes, pork, eggs and other consolation items to the Day Care Service Center for the Elderly,expressing holiday greetings and walked into poor households to learn more about the difficulties and needs in life and production, and encouraged them to face temporary difficulties positively and optimistically under the leadership of the party, and strengthen their confidence and determination to overcome poverty and achieve prosperity.

   For more than three years, Fairyland people had invested in the construction of the Day Care Center in Linzhi Village, and at the same time, provided it gradually every year, ensuring the normal operation of the day care center in Linzhi Village, and provided free lunches to nearly forty widows and left-behind elderly people. To the best of our ability to help the elderly in the village to enjoy a happy and healthy later years. Boxes of Mid-Autumn Mooncakes, faces of familiar people....we use our practical actions affect and drive more people to act with love and passion, which converge into a powerful positive energy for realizing our Chinese dream.

  By this occasion of Double Festivals, we wish our motherland can be more prosperous and stronger, and wish all good people world wide a happy family, good health, and good luck!

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