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The election at expiration meeting of Shandong Decoration Association was held ceremoniously

  On March 5th, Shandong Provincial Decoration Association celebrated the centenary of the Communist Party of China, and the association will also have a thirty-year journey, ushering in the association's re-election of the member representative conference. The re-election took the form of secret ballot, electing the main leadership team of the sixth council of Shandong Decoration Association. Chen Yong, chairman of the Fairyland Group, was elected as the chairman of the board of supervisors of Shandong Decoration Industry Association.

  At the beginning of 2020, a sudden Covid-19 outbreak ravaged the land of China, seriously threatening people's health, and entering a tension period for the whole people to fight the pandemic. In the face of the pandemic, the Fairyland Group actively responded to the government's summon, implemented the spirit of the important instructions of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on winning the battle against the epidemic prevention and control, and participated in many activities such as expressing condolences to the frontline staff of epidemic prevention and other activities to overcome the difficulties with the motherland,and to resolutely win the battle against the epidemic prevention and control. Responding to the national strategic call of "Brand Powerful Country, Cultural Powerful Province" and promote the excellent decoration brands in our province, Shandong Decoration Industry Association will drive industrial upgrading with brand building, record more than 200 episodes of brand culture promotion documentaries, with New Decoration and New Consumptions theme, praise the advanced deeds of the industry, promote the cultural spirit, show the overall image of the decoration industry in Shandong Province from multiple angles and dimensions, so as to help the promotion of the decoration brands in our province and present the centennial of the founding of the party.

  The exlection at expiration meeting of Shandong Decoration Association and the 2020 grand ceremony ended successfully in the group photo of the members of the association. Let us look forward to the new chapter of Shandong Decoration Association in 2021.

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