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Fairyland Group's 2020 Year-end Summary Conference
  On the afternoon of March 12, Shandong Fairyland Infrastructure Group's 2020 year-end summary meeting was held in Anhui Renjia,Jinan. The theme of this conference is "Stable and Long-Term Development, Build a Century-old Fairyland Group", all employees of the group participated in the conference.

  The meeting was presided over by Liu Sangtian, assistant to the group president and general manager of the cultural company.

  Group real estate management, infrastructure investment, infrastructure services, city gas operation and management, energy equipment engineering, ecological environment technology, domestic and foreign economic and trade, cultural industry, business management and other business segments, group engineering management center, group financial management center, and administrative management center respectively Reported on the work in 2020 and the work plan in 2021.

  Li Ming, group president, made a summary of the group's work in 2020 with the theme of "Bear Family and National Feelings in mind, dream for building a Century of Fairyland Group". After summarizing and reviewing the Group’s work in 2020, the Group’s key tasks in 2021 have been deployed, and the 2021 work targets of various professional companies and departments of the group have been clarified. The summary finally pointed out that under the leadership and assistance of the "red engine" of party construction, the people of Fariyland Group shall alway be full of wisdom and humanistic corporate culture on the new journey of creating a happy home for themselves and others, adhere to positive deeds, and conform to the country. Strategically, focus on the integrated layout of infrastructure industry chain project investment and infrastructure services, develop together with the society and grow together with the city.


  In his concluding speech, Chairman Chen Yong affirmed the performance of all companies and departments of the group in the past year, planned the development layout of the group in 2021, and looked forward to the groups bright goals in the future. Proposing for an energetic forge ahead, positive good deeds, wisdom and elite, international vision, cultural casting soul, win-win cooperation, innovation, happiness, ceasing to struggle, passion and vitality of the centennial Fairyland Group construction goals. 

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