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Shandong Lanchuang Economy and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Its registered capital is 10 million yuan. Its main business scope includes: high and low voltage electrical equipment, elevator and auxiliary products, building and decoration materials, import and export business, etc.


As a member of Shandong Leyuan Infrastructure Group Company, Shandong Lanchuang Economy and Trade Co., Ltd. is the platform for the integration of economic and trade business resources of the Group Company. Based on the development of the Group Company for over 20 years, we cooperate with the Group Company in the field of real estate development, project management, economy and trade development, cultural industry and other comprehensive investment areas. Shandong Leyuan Infrastructure Group Company is working hand in hand with Shandong Lanchuang Economy and Trade Co., Ltd. base on Ji'nan city, radiating the whole province and looking at the whole country, giving full play to the professional advantages of group operation and actively participating in the construction of the upstream and downstream industry chain, and actively exploring and forming an obvious competitive advantage in the market.


Shandong Lanchuang Economy and Trade Co., Ltd. is the executive director company of China Magnesite Materials Association(CMMA) It works as Foreign Trade and international exchange platform for the magnesite industry in China. It was appointed by CMMA the export agency for our members. Shandong Lanchuang Economy and Trade Co., Ltd. is responsible for the international exchange, resources  docking and product exporting for the Magnesite Industry. Our products for exporting are new environment-friendly building materials represented by MGO BOARD.


In recent years, Shandong Lanchang has organized our CMMA members to investigate the foreign markets in the US, Canada and Australia, and has been connected with the governments, counterpart associations, research institutes and importing enterprises in these areas. At present, Lanchuang has established good economic and trade contacts with the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand, and exported the products to the above regions. It has accumulated a high reputation and has been widely praised by the domestic and international circles.


Shandong Lanchuang has been exploring business in the technical field of high-tech  development. Recently, in cooperation with the relevant companies, we introduced to the domestic and foreign market the fiber laser cleaning equipment (patent authorization number; ZL201620631085.8) which can realize cleaning the complex arbitrary curved surface without dead angle and completely subvert the traditional cleaning mode.In the state of our government strict environmental protection requirements and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, this new cleaning mode plays a key role in revolutionary product innovation.


Since its foundation, Shandong Lanchuang has been adhering to the integration of information resources, continue to provide quality information and quality service for the customer's business philosophy and good faith, pragmatic and innovative spirit of enterprise based on the market today, don't forget the heart, on looking forward to and you meet and work together.


Since its foundation, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of providing continuous, high quality service and quality information to customers, and  to our company spirit of sincere commitment,  pragmatism and innovation.The company integrates all information resources, based on the market today, stays to the original self, forges ahead. We look forward to working and going hand in hand with you.


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