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Japanese Charcoal Paint

Japanese "ninja charcoal hidden wall" wood carbon coating is a functional wood carbon coating made by refining charcoal to micron level units using unique technology.Smoke smell, odor, moisture, formaldehyde and so on can be painted on the indoor walls and ceiling of the surface of the charcoal paint countless pores adsorption, and decomposition of charcoal under the electronic force.Turbid indoor air becomes fresh, thus creating a healthy indoor environment.

The function of Japanese wood carbon coating

· Adsorption and degradation function: it has adsorption function for chemical substances;
It has deodorization function for substances that produce odor;

· Humidity control function: humidity control function for humidity;

· Mildew proof function: it has an inhibitory effect on mold;

· Anti-electromagnetic wave function: screen electromagnetic wave of a certain band;

· Far infrared function: with far infrared characteristics;

· Formaldehyde emission: reach the Japanese F4 star standard;

· Non-combustible material: it has the non-combustible certificate issued by the Ministry of Land, Land and Transport of Japan.

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