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Nonasbestos Fiber Cement Board

With fiber and cement as the main raw materials of non-asbestos fiber reinforced cement board, also known as non-asbestos cement board, superior performance, has been widely used in various fields of the construction industry.

Cement board product performance:

Fire insulation: Class A non-combustible, non-combustible.
Non-toxic smoke;
Low conductivity;
Ideal insulating material.

Waterproof: in the semi-open air, high humidity conditions, maintain stable performance, no sagging, no deformation.

Heat insulation: low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation performance, high product density, good sound insulation effect.

Light weight and high strength: 10000 tons of hydraulic press flat pressure, high strength, not easy to deformation or warping, light weight, suitable for roof and ceiling.

Convenient construction: dry operation;
The installation of keel and plate is simple and fast;
Deep-processed products have better performance characteristics.

Beautiful and practical: light, suitable for keel, effectively reduce the cost of construction and decoration;
The color of the panels is uniform and uniform, without any rough feeling, which makes the color of all the buildings uniform.

Safety and health: the actual measured radiation value is equal to the lawn 20 meters away from the building, lower than the national "Radiological Protection Standard for Building Materials".

Long service life: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no cracking, pest and moistureproof, enhance the strength and hardness of the board, to ensure a long service life.

Good machinability and redecoration performance: sawing, drilling, carving and coating can be carried out according to the actual situation.

Main uses:

Interior wall.
Exterior wall;
Clapboard fire insulation structure;
The ceiling;
Sound insulation structure;
Kitchen door and bathroom door;

Curtain billboards;
Steel coating;
Antistatic flooring, furniture panel.


Commercial buildings: shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, entertainment buildings.

Industrial sites: warehouse, factory, machine room.

Residential area: residence, villa.

Public places: hospitals, theaters, train station, library, office, walls, ceiling, firewall, wall, floor, steel fire door, external insulation board, grouting wall plate, light steel villa, heat insulation and sound insulation board, ground large channel plate, anti-static floor substrate, metope decorative materials, wall insulation board, hanging board, industrial insulation board, fire area of the building.

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