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MGO Oxide Board

Magnesium oxide boardscan be used anywhere fire protection is required.
It is especially suitable for fireproof, moisture-proof, sound insulation, impact resistance and mildew proof wall structure.
Can be used as an alternative to gypsum, fibre-cement wallboard, OSB or clad plywood.

We supply interior wall panels, ceiling panels, exterior wall panels, floor lining panels, decorative panels and other glass magnesium green panels.

Conventional size: 1220*2440/1200*2400m

General thickness: 3-25mm

Advantages of Magnesium Oxide Boards:

Fire protection: non-flammable, no flame smoke spread.

Waterproof: impervious to water.
Resistant to salt water and harsh coastal conditions.

Mildew resistance: corrosion resistance and mildew resistance.
Does not provide nutrition to molds or fungi of any kind.

Insect control: termites and wood-boring beetles.

Health: no VOC, formaldehyde, glue, resin, toxin, asbestos or crystalline silica;Zero "emissions."

Insulation: Having good insulation properties.

Sound insulation: excellent sound insulation performance.

Strength: High strength, stronger than plywood, particleboard, cement board, plasterboard or other board building products

Impact: Extremely impact resistant

Finishing: can use cement and acrylic plaster, alkaline environmental protection coating, can be bonded with carbamate, epoxy resin and other adhesive cyanoacrylate.

Environmental protection: natural degradation, no harm to the soil, can be buried in the soil, as soil nutrients.

Easy to use: sawing, cutting, drilling, nailing and sticking.
It is strong and holds nails and screws firmly.
No pre-drilling is required.
Ultra-thin high-strength panels can be bent to fit any architectural design.
It can be easily combined with honeycomb panels, wood panels, HPL vinyl panels, etc.


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