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MGO Decorative Board

The base material is made of silicate, cement, quartz sand and imported wood pulp for raw materials and made into embryos by 14000 tons high pressure closed high temperature. On the surface, the innovative 3D painting technology is used, and the imported UV paint is used as the raw material. The coating process of the sheet surface is carried out by using UV coating light curing process.


The plate comes from the high-definition wood texture of the nature. Its surface is uniform, smooth and smooth, with rich color, clear texture, no orange peel and surface abrasion resistance up to 700 rpm. Plate A1 fire protection, environmental protection without radiation, light quality at the same time with good anti pollution, impact resistance, weatherability far more than the industry transfer printing products.

Decorative wood grain board, inherit wood grain natural texture, simple, delicate, noble pastoral style, ornament every corner of living life. It can be used for interior and exterior wall decoration, such as business buildings, entertainment places, shopping malls and hotels. The main uses are wall, ceiling, floor, furniture, road sound insulation, sound barrier, ship compartment and air duct and other industrial boards and sound absorbing walls, sound absorption ceiling, pouring walls, composite wall panels and other fields.


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