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Nonasbestos Calcium Silicate Board

Non-asbestos calcium silicate board introduction:

Calcium silicate board is made of inorganic mineral fiber or cellulose fiber and other loose short fiber as reinforcement material, silica-calcium material as the main cementing material, after pulping, forming, accelerating curing reaction in high temperature and high pressure saturated steam, forming calcium silicate cementing body and made of board.
It is a new type of building and industrial plate with excellent performance. Its products are fireproof, moistureproof, sound insulation, moth-proof and good durability. It is an ideal decorative plate for ceiling and partition.

Calcium silicate board product performance:

Good fire performance: calcium silicate board is non-combustible A1 class material, in case of fire, the board will not burn, nor will it produce toxic smoke.

Excellent waterproof performance: calcium silicate board has excellent waterproof performance, in the bathroom, bathroom and other high humidity place, still can maintain the stability of the performance, will not expand or deformation.

High strength: calcium silicate board strength is high, the strength of 6mm thick plate is much more than 9.5mm thick ordinary paper gypsum board.
Calcium silicate board wall is solid and reliable, not easy to be damaged and broken.

Size stability: calcium silicate board using advanced formula, in strict quality control under the production, the board's wet swelling and dry shrinkage rate control in the most ideal range.

Heat insulation and sound insulation: calcium silicate board has good heat insulation and heat preservation performance. The heat insulation and heat preservation performance of 10mm thick partition wall is obviously better than that of ordinary brick wall, and it has good sound insulation effect.

Long service life: the performance of calcium silicate board is stable, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to corrosion, and will not be damaged by moisture or insects, ants, etc., can ensure a long service life.

Main uses:

Wall, suspended ceiling, floor, furniture, road sound insulation, sound absorption barrier, ship cabin and air duct and other industrial panels and sound absorption wall, sound absorption ceiling, cast wall, composite wall panels and other fields.


Commercial buildings: business buildings, entertainment places, shopping malls and hotels.

Industrial buildings: factories, warehouses.

Residential buildings: new-style residential buildings, decoration and renovation.

Public places: hospitals, theatres, stations.

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